We are a team of localization experts and industry veterans that created an organization where we can truly honor our commitment of dedication, and a personalized customer and player experience. 


Specialized in the Latin American market, we thrive working hand in hand with developers, publishers and creators to enhance a product’s identity and achieve extraordinary results that captivate the Spanish speaking audience.


We cover full localization services for the video game and tech industry, so your product captures the same amazing experience in our territory.


Looking forward to joining forces with you!



Sound Map is a local studio based in Mexico. Our production premises are in Mexico City to serve first-hand the Latin American market, while from our US and UK companies we directly support the clients’ offices in North America and Europe.


We feel the luckiest to contribute to so many games we love! We are entrusted with a bunch of amazing titles from mobile to Triple-A, and a wide variety of genres (MOBA, MMO, first-person shooter, auto battler, RPG, action platformer, battle royale, open-world action role-playing…). We are also involved in continuous marketing and promotional campaigns, and social impact video production. 


We will forever keep our confidentiality promise, there won’t be a peep out of us! If you would like to know more of our work, please reach us for our portfolio.  




End-to-end management and guidance by the hands of a reliable PM, so you are accompanied through a hustle-free journey. 


More audiences are eager to read your stories! We go above and beyond to make sure your product captivates the LATAM audience.


+ Translation

+ Transcreation 
+ Transcription 
+ Subtitling 

Let our region hear your voice! 


+ Casting 
+ Preproduction 
+ Script adaptation 
+ Recording, voice-over & dubbing 
+ Artistic direction 
+ Coach – Foreign languages & accent specialist 
+ Musical adaptation 
+ Postproduction & SFX 
+ Sound design 

Project Management

Audio Localization

Text Localization

We perform QA from the very beginning and throughout all production stages. 


To preserve the phenomenal work put into your product, it is paramount to intercept and solve any bug. The users will enjoy a beautiful, polished product! 


+ Localization testing 
+ Quality audit 

If you talk to a voice assistant, chances are we have been involved bringing them to life. Before being adorable, they need to be trained to understand the diverse range of speakers and instructions. Most of them also need to be given an actual voice and unique personality to interact with people. 

Engage with the LATAM community! Our comms team brings to life bespoke digital media campaigns and creative pieces.


+ Content trafficking 
+ Copywriting
+ Video & graphics localization

+ Video editing 


Quality Assurance

& publishing 

Text-to-speech & voice recognition systems

Tetris expert


AI trainer

Léxico lindo

A very talented talent manager, Marisol supervises the production force and masters the most challenging projects. You will always feel wholeheartedly supported! 

She is all about sound! Musician and audio engineer at heart, Tamara develops the audio area while ensuring that all pieces in Sound Map are in perfect tune.

She hunts talent, projects, new technology… you name it. Alba guides Sound Map mission and values, and looks after the client experience so they feel in safe hands.

Tamara Puente

Operations Director


Sound Wizard

Marisol Garnica

Production Director


Project Magician

Alba Penadés

Strategy Director


Quest Hunter

Amazingly coordinating our wide Translators pool, Samanta juggles requests and team needs and finds the perfect balance.

A seasoned PM, Daniela guides the localization team, oversees VO projects and makes the impossible possible. 

Translation academic and avid gamer, Jorge oversees localization projects with a sharp eye, solves intricate requests, and beats us all in the battle arena.

Daniela García

Sr. Project Manager


Project Magician

Samanta Montaño

Project Manager


Project Magician

Jorge Díaz

Project Manager


Project Magician

With a background in music production and sound design, Zaira is always looking into ways to hone her craft... while annihilating any clicks & pops in the way!

A scheduling samurai, Mireya is in constant communication with all production areas to ensure every project and team member are well supported.

Master of tasks assignment and tracking, Nicole is an all-round PM who takes care of text and subtitling projects, and never misses a beat.

Mireya Toscano

Project Manager


Project Magician

Zaira Martínez

Audio Engineer


Sound Wizard

Nicole Gil

Project Manager


Project Magician

A versatile translator and gamer, Angie takes care of comms and editorial content that resonates with the broad Latin American audience. 

Well versed in game lore, Alejandra specializes in stories and VO scripts to create an engaging narrative. 

He is the gameplay paladin. Great in Esports content and an avid monster hunter, Rodrigo ensures a fascinating player experience. 

Alejandra López

Loc Editor


Word Whisperer

Angélica Matula

Loc Editor


Word Whisperer

Rodrigo Torres

Loc Editor


Word Whisperer

Want to know anything about the esports scene?

Camilo executes the communications plans for Latam esports and is involved in official competitions.

A connoisseur of digital channels and game communication styles, Andrés leads the trafficking team for the online community delight.

With a fine hand for copywriting, Arturo puts together uplifting pieces and curates content to instill the product voice.

Andrés Rozo

Sr. Content Trafficker


Grimoire Guardian

Camilo Lizarazo

Esports Producer


Grimoire Guardian

Arturo Lugo

Content Trafficker


Grimoire Guardian


Jared Galván

Loc Editor


Word Whisperer

A linguistics maestro and contemporary troubadour, Jared treats the players with the most creative writings and witty names. 

Camila Verdugo

Esports Coordinator


Grimoire Guardian

Streamer, game master, content creator, community manager... Organizing social media comms, her fortes are mobile and console games.  




Sound Map is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusiveness. We value a diverse workforce in which people from different backgrounds and lifestyles work together and create an inclusive culture and a forward-thinking environment. Cheers to a colorful strong team! 



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Casper, Wyoming


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